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Phases & Mixtures

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Phases & Mixtures

Kinetics & Equil



SOLID        LIQUID         GAS   


Evaporation                  Sublimation

Condensation                 Deposition


Phases & Mixtures "I Can.."

_____________Phase Lecture Notes_____________

(The pdf versions below have a lot of overlapping parts and are best viewed as Powerpoints)

Phases of Matter  (powerpoint)              (static pdf version)

(Vapor Pressure) 2:16 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Intermolecular Forces and Boiling Points) 10:53 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Boiling, Atmospheric Pressure, and Vapor Pressure) 6:04 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Biggest Mistakes in Chemistry: Boiling and Evaporation ) 4:40 Similar Notes on YouTube  


Heat & Phase Change Calculations

(Enthalpy & Phase Changes) Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Phase Change Calculations) Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Phase Changes-I Vapor Pressure) Similar Notes on YouTube  

(VP, Phase Changes & IMFs) Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Heating Curve Calculation) Similar Notes on YouTube  

Phase Diagram Notes  (powerpoint)          (static pdf version)

(Phase Diagram Animation) Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Phase Diagram Simplified) Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Solid Nitrogen) 7:13 Similar Notes on YouTube  


Water  (powerpoint)                                     (static pdf version)

Temperature Notes  (powerpoint)             (static pdf version)

(Kinetic Theory & Temperature) Similar Notes on YouTube  

Mr. Scott's notes on the Kinetic Molecular Theory.

Mr. Scott's notes on Solids.

Mr. Scott's Classification of Solids Table.


____________Mixture Lecture Notes____________

Intro to Mixtures                  (.pdf format)

(Suspensions, Colloids and Solutions) 13:56 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Colloids, Solutions & Suspensions ) 24:18 Similar Notes on YouTube  

Concentration of Solutions     (.pdf format)

(Molarity Practice Problems) 9:42 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(What's the Difference Between Molarity and Molality? ) 5:10 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Molarity Made Easy) 8:46 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Molarity, Molality, Mole Fraction) 9:52 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(% concentration and ppm) 8:13 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Concentration Calculations 2 (ppm) ) 7:36 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Parts Per Million) 14:09 Similar Notes on YouTube  


Electrolyte Solutions            (.pdf format)

(Calculating Ion Concentrations in Solution) 3:52 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Electrolytes) 10:37 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Electrolytes and Solution Basics) 6:55 Similar Notes on YouTube  


Making & Using Solutions      (.pdf format)

(Making a Molar Solution) 3:25 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Molarity vs Molality) 4:27 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Dilution Problems) 6:13 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Molarity after Mixing) 5:51 Similar Notes on YouTube  


Colligative Properties           (.pdf format)

(Colligative Properties Equations and Formulas - Examples in everyday life ) 9:42

 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Freezing Point Depression and Boiling Point Elevation) 10:59 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Osmotic Pressure Problems) 14:15 Similar Notes on YouTube  

(Colligative Properties calculate all of them! Worked out problems) 14:16 Similar Notes on YouTube  



Additional Notes on Specific Topics

Colloid Notes:


Cranberry Glass


Mr Scott's Notes on Colloid Classification


Vocabulary List for Solutions Topic

Solubility Graph 1

Solubility Graph 2


Solution Vocab Online Assignment


Mr Scott's Notes on %, ppm, ppb & ppt

Mr Scott's Outline of Concentration Expressions

Mr Scott's notes on Methods of Separating Mixtures



Practice Sheets:

Molarity   (Answer Key) (Password available upon request from Mr. Scott)

Percent   (Answer Key) (Password available upon request from Mr. Scott)

ppm/ppb   (Answer Key) (Password available upon request from Mr. Scott)

Making Dilutions   (Answer Key) (Password available upon request from Mr. Scott)

Colligative Properties   (Answer Key) (Password available upon request from Mr. Scott)

Links & Tutorials 

_____________White Board Practice_____________

Practicing with Heating & Cooling Curves (PowerPoint)     (Static pdf note pages)

Practicing With Concentrations (PowerPoint)     (static pdf note pages)

Practicing with Electrolytes (PowerPoint)     (static pdf note pages)

Practicing With Colligative Properties (PowerPoint)     (static pdf note pages)


KMT, Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution Simulator


Surface Tension Site 1, Surface Tension Site 2, Surface Tension Site 3,

And finally, a surface tension 9 page explanation (.pdf) - very informative!


Vapor Pressure, Evaporation, and Boiling

Phase Diagram of Water

Phase Diagram of a Pure Substance

"Metallic Water"

Phase Diagram Tutorial

Capillary Action Tutorial

Heating Curves Tutorial

Heat & Molecular Motion Tutorial

States of Matter  (Info & simulation)

Intro to Supercritical Fluids

Another very good Intro to Supercritical Fluids

A detailed discussion of solubility curves


 Graph of Solubility Curves

Fractional Distillation Tutorial

Solutions & Dissolving Tutorial

Concentrations Tutorial

General Properties of Solutions Tutorial

Intro to Chromatography  (From Purdue University)


Go here to visit a site that helps you review IMF's and how they relate to things like boiling point, freezing point, and vapor pressure.

            (IMF = Intermolecular Force)

The Beer-Lambert Law Explained


Snowflakes and Snow Crystals (and Properties of Ice)



Watch Online

The World of Chemistry Series

(This is the video series used in class)

Video Questions:  TWC - A Matter of State

Video Questions:  TWC - Water

Video Questions:  TWC - The Precious Envelope


Phases of Matter  (WATCH VIDEO)

Crystals, Polymers, and Alloys  (WATCH VIDEO)

When Chemicals Meet Water  (WATCH VIDEO)



Lab: Freezing and Melting of Water

Lab: Heat of Fusion for Ice

Lab: Evaporation and Intermolecular Attractions

(Evaporation and Intermolecular Attractions) 13:14 Presentation on YouTube  

Lab: Vapor Pressure of Liquids

Lab: Fractional Distillation

Lab: Concentration and Conductivity of Solutions

(Effect of Concentration on Conductivity of Solutions) 12:00 Presentation on YouTube  

Lab: Properties of Electrolytes & Non-Electrolytes

(Electrolytes and Nonelectrolytes) 7:19 Presentation on YouTube  

Lab: Beer's Law

(Spectrophotometery and Beer's Law) 14:59 Presentation on YouTube  

(Beer's Law Lab Procedure) 11:18 Presentation on YouTube  

(Colorimetry) 6:07 Presentation on YouTube  

(Colorimetric measuring principle) 3:33 Presentation on YouTube  

Lab:  Concentrate On Your Soda

Lab: Fractional Distillation of a Carbonated Soft Drink

Lab: Molecular Weight by Freezing Point Depression (MSDS Safety Info)

Lab: FPD of a Mixture

ExploreLearning Gizmos

Solubility and Temperature Gizmo

Freezing Point of Salt Water Gizmo

Colligative Properties Gizmo

Phase Changes Gizmo

Gas Diffusion Gizmo


Tests & Quizzes  

Here is a large selection of short quizzes.  These are provided by The Ohio State University Chemistry Department.


Phases & Mixtures Practice Test  

 (See Mr. Scott for the password)


Question: if both a bear in Yosemite and one in Alaska fall into the water
which one dissolves faster?  Answer




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