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Phases & Mixtures

Kinetics & Equil




Kinetics-Equilibrium-Thermo "I Can.."

_______________Lecture Notes_______________

Kinetics Notes (PowerPoint)                           (.pdf format)

     (Collision Theory  8:47) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (The Rate of Reactions  6:24) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Activation Energy  4:51) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Energy Diagrams  3:48) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Collisions, Rates, AE, Exo & Endo  11:52) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (How to Speed Up Chemical Reactions  4:55) Similar Notes on YouTube  

Equilibrium Notes (PowerPoint)                       (.pdf format)

     (Equilibrium  12:23) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (The Equilibrium Constant 6:14) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (The Reaction Quotient 7:07) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Le Chatelier's Principle 7:00) Similar Notes on YouTube  

Thermochem Notes Measuring Heat (PowerPoint)   (.pdf format)

     (Heat Exchange 5:04) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Calorimetry 6:00) Similar Notes on YouTube  

Thermochem Notes Enthalpy (PowerPoint)          (.pdf format)

     (Enthalpy of Reaction 8:02) Similar Notes on YouTube  

Thermochem Notes Entropy (PowerPoint)           (.pdf format)

     (Entropy 7:04) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Entropy is Not Disorder 10:27) Similar Notes on YouTube  

Thermochem Notes Free Energy (PowerPoint)      (.pdf format)

     (Gibbs Free Energy 12:59) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Using Gibbs Free Energy 7:56) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Spontaneous Processes 7:42) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Second Law of Thermodynamics 13:49) Similar Notes on YouTube  



Thermodynamic Data Table


Practice Sheets:

Enthalpy Problems (Answer Key available upon request from Mr. Scott)

Free Energy Problems (Answer Key available upon request from Mr. Scott)

Reaction Kinetics   (Answer Key available upon request from Mr. Scott)

Links & Tutorials 

_______________White Board Practice_______________

Enthalpy, Entropy & Free Energy      (static pdf file) 


Some very good Kinetics Tutorial Sites:

KMT - Maxwell Distribution by David N. Blauch  (USED DURING OUR NOTES)

(Physlet Physics Site with Java security instructions)

Does not run on Edge or Chrome and requires Java 8 with latest update & special settings.


Some very good Thermodynamics Tutorial Sites:

Basic Thermodynamics by Gary L. Bertrand, University of Missouri-Rolla

The Entropy Page (a little bit off-the-wall, but very informative and quite interesting)

The Laws of Thermodynamics (A one-page explanation)

The Laws of Thermodynamics (A very thorough discussion - very detailed)

Gibbs Free Energy Java Applet (Java is required by your browser to run this)

Enthalpy and Gibbs Free Energy Calculator (Very Cool!  This does A LOT!)

Gibbs Free Energy (Very good site for either Chem I or AP Chem)

Who Was Josiah Willard Gibbs?


Estimating Enthalpy Changes Tutorial

Gibb's Free Energy Tutorial

Collision Theory of Reactions Tutorial


Some very good Equilibrium Tutorial Sites:


Le Chatelier's Principle: Discussion, Self-Test and Tutorial

Equilibrium Tutorial

LeChatelier Principle Tutorial

Effect of Conditions Tutorial


CHS Chemistry      Le Chatelier Practice Problem Set




Watch Online

The World of Chemistry Series

(This is the video series used in class)

Video Questions: TWC-Molecules in Action

Video Questions: TWC-The Driving Forces


Balance in Chemical Reactions  (WATCH VIDEO)

Rates of Reaction  (WATCH VIDEO)

Energy in Chemical Reactions  (WATCH VIDEO)




Lab: Chemical Equilibrium: Finding a Constant, Kc (MSDS Safety Info)

Lab: Temperature & Reaction Rate (Instructions) (Report Sheet) (MSDS Safety Info)

Lab: Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions (MSDS Safety Info)

Lab: Energy Content of Foods

Lab: Energy Content of Fuels



  Virtual Labs 

ExploreLearning Gizmos

Collision Theory Gizmo

Equilibrium and Concentration Gizmo

Equilibrium and Pressure Gizmo

Calorimetry Gizmo

Reaction Energy Gizmo


ChemCollective: Onine Resources for Teaching and Learning Chemistry

Virtual Lab from the ChemCollective

Le Chatelier On-line Virtual Lab

Tests & Quizzes  

Study Guide for the Kinetics & Equilibrium Test

Kinetics, Thermodynamics & Equilibrium Practice Test


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