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Phases & Mixtures

Kinetics & Equil




Phases & Mixtures "I Can.."

_______________Lecture Notes_______________

(Theories) Acid-Base Notes segment-1 (PowerPoint)     (static pdf format)

     (Arrhenius Acid-Base Theory  10:02) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Identify Conjugate Acid-Base Pairs  6:03) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Neutralization Reaction  6:02) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (What's a Lewis Acid and Lewis Base?  4:26) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (All About That Base (No Acid)  3:40) For Those Who Love Music  


(pH calculations) Acid-Base Notes segment-2 (PowerPoint)     (static pdf format)

     (Acids, Bases, and pH  8:53) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Calculating pH, pOH, [H+], [OH-]  10:51) Similar Notes on YouTube  


(Strength) Acid-Base Notes segment-3 (PowerPoint)     (static pdf format)

     (Strength of Acids and Bases  8:58) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Acid and Base Strength  4:15) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Memorize Strong Acids and Bases  4:30) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Strong vs Weak Acids Explained  3:23) Similar Notes on YouTube  


(Titrations) Acid-Base Notes segment-4 (PowerPoint)     (static pdf format)

     (Acid-Base Titration  2:39) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Titration Introduction  8:49) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Setting up and Performing a Titration  6:52) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Titration Calculations  2:34) Similar Notes on YouTube  


(Buffers) Acid-Base Notes segment-5 (PowerPoint)     (static pdf format)

     (Buffer Animation  1:50) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (Buffers  17:28) Similar Notes on YouTube  

     (pH and Buffers  5:56) Similar Notes on YouTube  


(Weak pH) Acid-Base Notes segment-6 (PowerPoint)     (static pdf format)


Acid-Base Indicator Table

  Salt Hydrolysis Outline 

     Anhydride Outline     



Links & Tutorials 

_______________White Board Practice_______________

pH Calculations Level-1  (PowerPoint)      (static pdf file)

pH Calculations Level-2  (PowerPoint)      (Static pdf file)


The Chemistry of Acids and Bases  (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Animation of a Base being dissociated (This is very good!)

Organic Bases     (chemguide by Jim Clark)

NH3 (ammonia) in Water Simulation (Very good molecular dynamics! Shockwave Player Required)

Historical information about Søren Sørensen & the pH scale




Watch Online

The World of Chemistry Series

(This is the video series used in class)

Video Questions:  TWC - The Proton in Chemistry


 Acids & Bases  (WATCH VIDEO)


Lab: pH of Acid-Base Indicators

Lab: Acid-Base Titration

Lab: Acid-Base Titration (Buret Method)

Lab: Titration Curves of Strong and Weak Acids & Bases

Lab: Titration of a Diprotic Acid (Buret Method)

Lab: Titration of Aspirin  (Report Sheet)

Lab: Acid Rain

Lab:  Vinegar Analysis  (Buret Method)


  Virtual Labs 

ExploreLearning Gizmos

pH Analysis

pH Quad Color



Acid Strength Simulation (Link to Simulator)

Weak and Strong Acids (Lab Instruction & Report Sheet)


pH Scale  (Link to Simulator)


Tests & Quizzes  

Study Guide for the Acid-Base Test

Acid-Base Practice Test


Johnny, finding life a bore,

Drank some H2SO4.

Johnny's father, an MD

Gave him CaCO3.

Now he's neutralized it's true,

But he's full of CO2.




US DOT Placard for Corrosive Chemical Class



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