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Phases & Mixtures

Kinetics & Equil




Quantities "I Can.."

____________Lecture Notes____________


Moles and Grams    

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Mole-Mass-Atom Conversions   

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Percent Composition   

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Each video 1-5 gets more advanced

1. Simple Explanation of the Mass Spectrometer   (4:51)

2. The Mass Spectrometer (Isotope Abundance)   (2:43)

3. A Brief Introduction to Mass Spectrometry   (9:38)

4. Intro to Mass Spectrometry   (20:03)

5. Mass Spectrometry MS   (7:58)

Finding Empirical & Molecular Formulas   

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Empirical & Molecular Formula Outline  

The Empirical Formula Steps  

Empirical Formula Rhyme:

percent to mass

mass to mole

divide by small

times till whole


Standard Molar Gas Volume & Density    

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Working With Gas Density at STP Outline 

 Unit Conversion Diagram Outline  



Molecular (True) Formula Level 3     (Answers)

Mixed Quantity Review Sheet 7.354a    (Answers)

Mixed Quantity Review Sheet 7.356a    (Answers)

Review Sheet 7-10-11.501    (Answers)

Mixed Problem Review Sheet 7.355a    (Answers)

Review Sheet 7.1    (7.1 Answers)

STP Gas Calculation Review 7.2     (7.2 Answers)

Molecular Formulas of Vitamins 7.043a    (Answers)

Links & Tutorials 

___________White Board Practice____________

                     To use:                   

1) click on link below and select "Open"

2) Say "No" to go to Microsoft Support Center

3) Click "Enable Editing" in the yellow bar at the top (if it appears)

4) Go to "View" tab and choose "Reading View"

5) Use mouse clicks to proceed


     Molar Mass Practice Problems

     Mole-Mass; Mass-Mole Conversion Practice

     % Composition Practice

     Empirical-Molecular Practice

     STP Gas Quantity Practice

     Quantity Review


Powers of 10 - Interactive Java Tutorial

(Start 10 million light-years from the Milky Way galaxy and wind up face to face with a proton in Florida.)


Another Good Power of 10 Video


The Mole Concept Tutorial


The Avogadro Number 6.02204531 x 1023 mol-1 



Watch Online

The World of Chemistry Series

(This is the video series used in class)


Video Questions:  TWC - Measurement

Video Questions:  TWC - The Mole


Lab: % O2 in NaClO3 Instructions Report Form Questions

Pressure-Temperature Relationship in Gases

Copper-Iodine Empirical Formula

  Virtual Labs 

ExploreLearning Gizmos

Unit Conversions Intro

Unit  Conversions II

Boyle's & Charles's Laws

Temperature & Particle Motion

Tests & Quizzes  

Study Guide for the Intro. to Chemical Quantities Test

Intro. to Chemical Quantities Practice Test

Moles to Mass Quiz

Lots of Practice Quizzes (Here) provided by

The Ohio State University Chemistry Department




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