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Formulas & Naming "I Can.."

PolyAtomic Ion List   (PAL)

Nomenclature Flow Chart


_______________Lecture Notes_______________

Segment-1 Binary & Ternary Salts

(Binary Ionic Formulas) Similar Notes on YouTube  (11:43)

(Multivalent Metal Formulas) Similar Notes on YouTube  (10:09)

(Formulas with Polyatomic Ions) Similar Notes on YouTube  (11:20)

(Naming Ionic and Molecular) Similar Notes on YouTube  (12:41)


Segment-2 Binary & Ternary Acids

(Acid Naming Intro) Similar Notes on YouTube  (13:11)

(How to Name Acids) Similar Notes on YouTube  (10:50)


Segment-3 Binary Molecules

(Naming Covalent Molecular Cmpds) Similar Notes on YouTube  (10:45)

(Naming Binary Molecular Cmpds) Similar Notes on YouTube  (2:46)


Segment-4 Simple Hydrocarbons

(Naming Simple Alkanes) Similar Notes on YouTube  (9:27)

(Naming Hydrocarbons) Similar Notes on YouTube  (8:37)

(Simple Hydrocarbons) Similar Notes on YouTube  (7:55)


Segment-5 Basic Organic Nomenclature  

(IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic Cmpds) Similar Notes on YouTube  (38:26)



Link to University of Calgary site

If you missed the notes,

OR if you need some review,

the videos below are VERY useful.


Writing Ionic Formulas

Writing Formulas for Polyatomic Ions

Naming Ionic Compounds with Transition Metals

Naming Covalent Molecular Compounds

Naming Acids Intro

Naming Acids Practice


Mr. Scott's Practice Sheets:

Formula Writing       (Answer Key)

Naming                  (Answer Key)

Be fair to yourself; do the practice sheet

before looking at the answer key.


Mr. Scott's Homework Sheets:

Formulas WorkSheet #2C

Naming Worksheet #2A

Links & Tutorials 

_______________White Board Practice_______________

Forumla Writing and Naming Online Whiteboard Practice


IUPAC GOLD BOOK (Compendium of Chemical Terminology)

IUPAC Inorganic Nomenclature Rules (Wikipedia Site)

Tutoring Help - Practice writing and naming chemical formulas:

Chemical Formula Writing & Naming Practice Web Site


JCE WebWare: What's in a Name?

An excellent practice site - very versatile - (User name & password are required - obtain from Mr. Scott)


JCE WebWare: The Chemical Name Game

Grab a partner or choose up teams!  (User name & password are required - obtain from Mr. Scott)


Video Questions: TWC-Signals from Within


Lab: Molecular Model Building

Lab: Qualitative Analysis - Cations (Lab Instructions)

Lab: Formula Rummy

Tests & Quizzes  

Practice Chemical Formula Quizzes on Greg Curran's Chemistry Site

Practice Chemical Naming Quizzes on Greg Curran's Chemistry Site


Oxidation Number Quiz


Practice your formula writing and naming. 

Click here to go to a practice website.


Practice Quiz (printing restricted)

Study Guide for Formula & Nomenclature Test

Formula & Nomenclature Practice Test  /  Answer Key   (obtain password from Mr. Scott)


Question: (Read aloud)  "If H2O is water, what is H2O4?"


Question:  Why do chemists like nitrates so much?




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