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Bonding "I Can.."

__________Lecture Notes__________

Segment-1 Ionic Bonding

(Ionic Bonding) Similar Notes on YouTube  (4:18)


Segment-2 Covalent Bonding Basics

(Covalent Bonding) Similar Notes on YouTube  (7:00)

    (Chemistry Crash Course: Orbitals) Additional Notes on YouTube  (10:51)

Segment-3 Molecular Shapes

(VSEPR THEORY) Similar Notes on YouTube  (20:21)

(Molecule Shapes) Similar Notes on YouTube  (6:30)

(VSEPR & Molecular Shapes) Similar Notes on YouTube  (11:00)


Segment-4 Intermolecular Forces

(Intermolecular Forces) Similar Notes on YouTube  (6:44)

(Hydrogen Bonds) Similar Notes on YouTube  (8:59)

(Dipole-Dipole Forces) Similar Notes on YouTube  (7:31)

(London Disperson Forces) Similar Notes on YouTube  (5:01)


Segment-5 Resonance & Polyatomic Ions

(Polyatomic Ions) Similar Notes on YouTube  (5:14)

(Resonance Structures) Similar Notes on YouTube  (10:30)


Segment-6 Metallic Bonding

(Metallic Bonding) Similar Notes on YouTube  (7:36)

(Metallic Bonding) Similar Notes on YouTube  (4:14)

(Metallic Bonding) Similar Notes on YouTube  (5:53)


Notes: Covalent vs Ionic Table of Properties

(Ionic Solids) Similar Notes on YouTube  (5:04)

(Molecular Solids) Similar Notes on YouTube  (3:47)

(Covalent Network Solids) Similar Notes on YouTube  (6:58)


Notes: Comparison of Models (Salt-Metal-Molecule)

(Salts vs Molecules) Similar Notes on YouTube  (10:07)


Covalent Bond Length & Energy Table


Metallic Bonding Model




sp3 Hybridized Orbitals and Sigma Bonds - Duration- 16-23

sp3, sp2, and sp Hybridization

Sigma and Pi Bonds: Hybridization Explained!


Atomic Orbital Hybridization sp3 - Mr. Causey's Chemistry

VSEPR: Hybridization Geometries & Bond Angles


If you missed the notes,

OR if you need some review,

the videos below are VERY useful.

Ionic, Covalent, and Metallic Bonds

Ionic Bonding (I)

Ionic Bonding (II)

Ionic Bonding (III)

Ionic vs Molecular

Covalent Bonding




Links & Tutorials 

Intro. to Chemical Bonding by the Chem1 Virtual Textbook

VSEPR Tutorial Site

Chemical Bonding Tutorial Site

A Very Basic Animated Review of Ionic vs Covalent Bonding

A Basic Animated Review of Bonding with Audio

An Awesome Hybridization visualization tool. 

(If you don't understand hybridization, this WILL help.)

VSEPR and Molecular Shapes

Bonding & Hybridization


Intermolecular Forces

Bond Types & IMFs



Video Questions: FFH  Ionic Bonding

Video Questions:  FFH  Bonding in Metals

Watch Online

The World of Chemistry Series

(This is the video series used in class)

Video Questions: TWC-Chemical Bonding

Video Questions: TWC-Molecular Architecture

 Organizing Atoms and Electrons  (WATCH VIDEO)



Lab: Molecular Model Building

  Virtual Labs 

ExploreLearning Gizmos

Ionic Bonds

Covalent Bonds

Tests & Quizzes  

Here is a large selection of short quizzes on molecular geometry and bonding.  These are provided by The Ohio State University Chemistry Department.

Practice Quiz

(This is BIG!  34 pgs. including the answer key - printing restricted.)

Study Guide for Bonding Test

Bonding Practice Test    (No Answer Key Available




Metallic Bonding





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