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Phases & Mixtures

Kinetics & Equil




Atoms "I Can.."

Significant Figures Explained + Significant Figure Rules

Time Line of Atomic Theory Development

Class Notes on Quantum Mechanics (same as segment-8 below)


_______________Lecture Notes_______________

Segment-1  Beginning Atomic Theory  (static pdf file) 

Segment-2  Spectroscopy  (static pdf file) 

Segment-3  The Electron & The Nucleus  

    Shown in Class (Discovery of the Electron  2:53) Additional Notes on YouTube  

Shown in Class (Discovery of the Nucleus  3:27) Additional Notes on YouTube  

     (Discovery of the Electron  11:07) Additional Notes on YouTube  

     (JJ Thomson's Charge to Mass Ratio  5:15) Additional Notes on YouTube  

     (Discovery of the Nucleus  15:58) Additional Notes on YouTube  

Segment-4  Nuclear Details

Segment-5  Nuclear Reactions  (static pdf file) 

Segment-6  Bohr Model

Segment-7  Quantum Mechanics 

Segment-8  Electron Structure


Review Sheet: History of Atomic Theory 3.202

Review Sheet: Chemistry's Atomic Model

Review Sheet: Electron Configuration

Review Sheet: Quantum Numbers & Atomic Orbitals

Work Sheet: Electron Configuration 4.021

Work Sheet: Electron Configuration 4.030


Watch Online:

The World of Chemistry Series

(This is the video series used in class)


Video Questions:  TWC - The World of Chemistry

Video Questions: TWC - The Atom

Video Questions: TWC - Modeling the Unseen

Video Questions: TWC - Color


 Rise of Atomic Theory  (WATCH VIDEO)

 Atoms and Light  (WATCH VIDEO)


Video Questions: Mystery of Matter - Segment-1

Mystery of Matter Video Library


Lab: Changing Copper into Gold

(Read about the historical composition of the U.S. cent coin)

Lab: Boyle's Law  (Report Sheet)

Lab: Charles' Law

Oxygen Lab Instructions

Oxygen Lab Questions

Chemical Fact Sheet (A) - Oxygen

Chemical Fact Sheet (B) - Oxygen

Chemical Facts about D.O. (dissolved oxygen)

Emission Spectroscopy of the Elements

Lab: Drawing a Scale Model of the Atom

Density of Metals

a b g Types of Radiation

Radiation Shielding

Radioactive Dating Game

ExploreLearning Gizmos

Element Builder

Subatomic Particles

Photoelectric Effect

Nuclear Decay


Nuclear Reactions

Electron Configuration

Coulombic Force

Bohr Model Intro

Bohr Model Hydrogen

Links & Tutorials 

A website with an "Atomic Structure Timeline"

The Cathode Ray Tube Site

A web page about Basic Atomic Structure

Atomic Orbital Tutorial Site

Electronic Structure Tutorial

Atomic Theory Tutorial I

Atomic Theory Tutorial II

The Orbitron - a gallery of atomic & molecular orbitals

Dalton's Atomic Theory

Orbital Viewer

Electron Configuration Lessons

Bohr's Atom  (Excellent! I highly recommend this one!)

Bohr Model Simulation

The Alchemy Web Site  (This link is here for the historic content of this site only)

Nuclear Links

Balancing Nuclear Equations Tutorial

Radiation Measurement Units

Presentation on the "Effects of Radiation on Living Things"

Radiation Health Effects  (Information provided by the EPA)


Tests & Quizzes  

Here is a large selection of short quizzes on quantum chemistry & periodicity

These are provided by The Ohio State University Chemistry Department.


Atomic Structure Test  Study Guide

Atoms Practice Test     (Answers)  Obtain passwords from Mr. Scott


Have you heard the one about a chemist who was reading a book about helium
and just couldn't put it down?
(It was probably just some light reading)
Question:   Why does hamburger have lower energy than steak?






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