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___________Lecture Notes_________

Thermochem Notes Set-1  (Enthalpy & Calorimetry)

Thermochem Notes Set-2  (Hess' Law)

Thermochem Notes Set-3  (Std. Enthalpy of Formation)

Thermochem Notes Set-4  (Ch-6 in our Book)

Thermochem Notes Set-5  (Bond Energies)

Thermochem Notes Set-6

Thermochem Notes Set-7

Thermochem Notes Set-8

Thermochem Notes Set-9


Book problems worked in class 6.36, 6.37 & 6.82 (10/8/09)

Post-Lab Exp.6 & Hess's Law Calculations (10/12/09)

Enthalpy of Reaction from Bond Energies

Entropy & Free Energy Chapter-18


General Chemistry Virtual Textbook: Thermodynamics of Equilibrium


Lab: Enthalpy of Neutralization of H3PO4

Lab: Detm Enthalpy from the Calorimetry of a Chemical Reaction


Simulations & Tutorials 

KMT - Maxwell-Boltzman Distribution

by David N. Blauch  (USED DURING OUR NOTES)


(Java version must be current and its security settings must be set to "medium" for it to work)


State Functions & Path Functions Animation

P V Work Animation & Tutorial

Internal Energy Animation & Tutorial

Estimating Enthalpy Changes Animation & Tutorial

Calorimetry Animation & Tutorial

Hess' Law Tutorial

Enthalpy Tutorial

Entropy Tutorial

Gibb's Free Energy Tutorial

Equilibrium & Thermodynamics Relationships Tutorial

Calorimetry & Heat Capacity Tutorial with a Simulation

A Discussion on Entropy & the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Tests & Quizzes  

Here is a large selection of short quizzes on thermochemistry.  These are provided by The Ohio State University Chemistry Department.

Here is a large selection of short quizzes on work & entropy.  These are provided by The Ohio State University Chemistry Department.



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