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AP Exam



Review Book 1 Notes

Some of Mr. Scott's Notes on Solids & Liquids

Some Ksp values on another web site

___________Lecture Notes___________

Equilibrium & LeChatelier Outline

Manipulating Keq Outline

Mr. Scott's Notes on Ksp Calculations

Ksp Constants Table


LAB: Determination of an Equilibrium Constant Sample Data

Lab: Detm. Ksp by Titration Method

Virtual Lab from the ChemCollective (Virtual Lab User Guide)

Virtual Lab: Cobalt

Simulations & Tutorials 

Le Chatelier's Principle: Practice with factors that cause shifting of equilibrium position.


Link to a site showing a shifting of equilibrium demo

(Works on Internet Explorer but not on Mozilla)


Link to a another site for: Gas Phase Reactions - Equilibrium  a Self-Test and Tutorial

Link to a another site for: Analogy to Chemical Equilibrium  a Tutorial and Simulation

More equilibrium topics:

Reaction Quotient: Discussion
Reaction Quotient: Self-Tests
Reaction Quotient II:  Self Tests

Le Chatelier's Principle: Discussion, Self-Test and Tutorial  


Here are some useful sites on Le Chatelier's Principle:

Henri LeChatelier's Principle

LeChatelier's Principle

Le Chatelier's Principle (this one has a cool applet that lets you play with some numbers)

LeChatelier's Principle and It's Applications (This one has sound! Make sure you have your speakers on.)

Link to a another site for:

Solubility Product Constant (Ksp) Problems  -  Self-Tests and Tutorials

Level 1:  Calculate Ksp from Solubility

Level 2:  Calculate Solubility from Ksp

Level 3:  Calculate Solubility from Ksp with Common Ions

Some Ksp notes at Purdue University's Web Site


Resource Discovery Network's Physical Sciences Information Gateway has some Information on Ksp and some practice problems. (This is a very nice site.)



Here is a pretty cool Ksp tutorial


Phase Changes - An outstanding web site with applets and more.


CO2 Phases


JCE WebWare:  Equilibrium

(user name & password required - obtain from Mr. Scott)

Equilibrium Tutorial

Gas Equilibria Tutorial

Equilibrium & Thermodynamics Relationships Tutorial

LeChatelier Principle Tutorial

Solving Equilibrium Problems Tutorial


Tests & Quizzes  


Online practice quizzes


Here is a large selection of short quizzes on equilibrium.  These are provided by The Ohio State University Chemistry Department.




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