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Chemistry Sites

For Mr. Scott's Students

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*          101 Science

*          3DTOAD.COM/chemistry (360 rotational images - requires Flash Player)

*          Alchemy Web Site

*          Aluminum-Air Battery

*          Association for Science Education

*          AUS-e-TUTE

*          Bad Science

*          Chalkbored Chemistry

*          ChemEd Digital Library Molecule 360 Viewer

* (Chemical Reference Databases)

*          Chemguide

*          Chemical Education Digital Library

*          Chemical Heritage Foundation (All about Chemistry's History)

*          Chemical of the Week  (by Prof. Shakhashiri)

*          Chemical Register (Online Chemical Buyer's Guide)

*          Chemistry Education Resource Guide

*          Chemistry Lab Simulation Software

*          Chemistry of Fireworks

*          Chemistry Powerpoints

*          Chemistry World Sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

*          Chemlinks

*          Emission Spectra of the Elements

*          Entropy Page


*          Finding Science in Ice Cream

*          General Chemistry Online - Frostburg State

*          General Chemistry Virtual Textbook

*          Glossary of SI Units

*          Mad Science Network

*          Martindale Science Reference Center

*          Microscale Gas Chemistry

*          NIST Scientific and Technical Databases

*          Orbital Viewer

*          Preparing a Buffer Solution

*          Quiz Hub

*          Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances

*          Science Curriculum Inc.

*          Science is Fun (In the Lab of Shakhashiri)

*          Spectral Database for Organic Compounds (SDBS)

*          Student Preconceptions and Misconceptions in Chemistry

*          The Chem Team

*          The ChemCollective

*          The Lab Archive

*          The Nobel Prize

*          The World of Chemistry (video Series)

*          Thermophysical Properties of Fluid Systems

*          Today in Science History

*          Tutorials & Simulations

*          UMEA Analytical Chemistry

*          Virtual Chemistry

*          VSEPR Method by G. Dupuis and N. Berland

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