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WebAssign is an online homework service that is used in several courses at CHS (IPS, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and Physics).  You can read about WebAssign's features by clicking here

Who else uses it?  WebAssign is used by over half a million students at over 1900 schools - check out the list by clicking here.

Blended Learning 

What is it? 

Learning doesn't always happen while a student is seated in a classroom listening to a teacher.  In fact, this method of learning doesn't even work for some students.

Blended learning is a teaching process in which a student learns at least in part through online delivery of content and instruction with some element of student control over time, place, path or pace(1).

In all of our science courses at CHS, we have incorporated some aspects of blended learning.  With the utilization of WebAssign and other online experiences for our students, the delivery of content and instruction is not limited to live, face-to-face contact between student and teacher.  This website ( contains numerous links and resources which contribute to a blended learning environment.

(1) "Blended Learning (Staker / Horn - May 2012)"

AP Chemistry




AP Chemistry


This exam is a 195 minute test divided into two sections (90 min, & 105 min.)  The first half consists of 60 multiple choice questions and the second half consists of 7 problem and essay question sets.  The test is currently taken during the first week in May each year. 

AP Exam scores are reported on a 5-point scale as follows:

5 Extremely well qualified*

4 Well qualified*

3 Qualified*

2 Possibly qualified*

1 No recommendation

*Qualified to receive college credit or advanced placement

Some colleges award credit for a '3' and nearly all award credit for a '4' or '5'.

You can read more about the AP Chemistry Course by clicking here.





Chemistry at Celina High School is a college-prep recommended course.  It has been identified as a course that challenges a college bound student with a fast-paced coverage of a somewhat difficult subject material. 

Since many freshman level college courses immerse students in a "sink-or-swim" setting (especially at large universities), a successful college student will have developed the necessary survival skills while still in high school. 

The difficulty and work-load of our Chemistry course helps a student develop and hone their skills of asking questions when they don't understand, budgeting their time, and planning ahead.

College & Career Readiness

This phrase has gained prominence in education recently.  While this is primarily associated with the development of the STATE EDUCATION STANDARDS OF OHIO, the ideals embodied in "college readiness" are hard to disagree with.  When students possess deeper understandings and are capable of higher-order thinking (application, analysis, synthesis) they will certainly be more successful in college.

Our Chemistry course attempts to embrace these ideals and elevate our students to these higher standards.

Curriculum Standards

The State of Ohio has established a High School Chemistry Curriculum.  At the present time (2018), no official "End-of-Course" exam exists to test the individual student learning of these objectives.  Currently therefore, this curriculum functions only as a guideline. 

Celina's Chemistry Course has been aligned to Ohio's High School Chemistry Curriculum since 2012.  The chemistry teachers at CHS have compiled a working assessment that measures the learning objectives (LOs) of the State Curriculum and this assessment is being used currently to measure the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) required by OTES (Ohio Teacher Evaluation System).



Visit the Science Curriculum Inc. website

The IPS program has been used at Celina High School for nearly 4 decades and has initiated thousands of students into the honors track of science courses at CHS.  See the publisher's website above for an overview of this highly acclaimed textbook.





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